Thanksgiving Boxes

Annual Thanksgiving Outreach

Thanksgiving Boxes

Believe it or not, the holidays will be here before you know it. It's time to start our annual Thanksgiving Blessing Box project. Thanksgiving boxes consist of either a turkey or ham and all the fixings. The boxes are then personally delivered to a family in need of a Thanksgiving meal. Each box will cost approximately $30.

We need your help!

  1. You can sponsor a Thanksgiving box(es) by giving at church or through our online platform. Click here to sponsor online.
  2. You can notify us of a family(s) that need a Thanksgiving meal by filling in the form below. We need name and address by October 15th.
  3. You can help shop for box items and/or help pack and prepare the boxes. Fill in the form below.
  4. You can help with delivery of the boxes. (Schedule TBD) Fill in the form below.

So help make Thanksgiving great for others. For any questions or details you can contact Emily Rafield, She can be reached by phone at 704-813-0425 or by email at