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Connections Church | 2019 Prayer Resource

This year we surround ourselves with the word "RENEW". What better way to start that process than getting back to your daily conversation with God? Join us as we discuss what the powerful and much needed tool can do for you and your relationship with God.

Prayer Study Week 1: Lets Get To It!

Welcome to part one of our Bible study series on Prayer! In this lesson Pastor Scott shows us who they players are in prayer and why we believe now is the time to be praying! Whether you're a part of a CNCT group or not, you are invited and encouraged to be a part of this study. Here are the discussion questions for week 1. We encourage you to talk these over and to spend time in prayer this week!

Discussion Questions:

-1 Had you ever considered prayer to be a privilege? How are some ways you can prioritize prayer in your day?

-2 Do you think that this focus on prayer could impact peoples lives at Connections Church and beyond?

-3 What do you think of prayer being one side of a conversation?

-4 What are your thoughts on communicating to God your frustrations, confusion and anger?

-5 Talk about the role that the Holy Spirit plays in our prayer time. Have you ever experienced the Spirit praying through you?

Here are the prayer topics to be in prayer for this week:

-1 Lord, teach me how to pray. This is a time for you to pray for a renewed prayer relationship with God.

-2 Our church and its leadership, specifically student ministry. (LEADERS: you may want to identify for some who these people are, pastors, board of trustees, ministry leaders and volunteers. Student ministry leadership is Corey and Kailee Hay)

Prayer Study Week 2 : Whats God Up To?

Discussion Questions:

-1.   What is your sense of what God is up to?

-2.   Discuss step 4 (repeat) in the process. Why is this important?

-3.   What needs to be revived in your life?

-4.   Are there any dry patches of ground in your life that could use some rain?


THIS WEEKS PRAYER TOPICS: (Please try to leave at least 5-10 minutes for each topic.)

-1.   Spend some time praying what the Psalmist wrote "Examine me , O Lord, and try me; Test my mind and my heart". Listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit may whisper to you.

-2.   Missions can be many things. Evangelism in a third world country or taking a cake to your neighbor’s house. Spend some time praying for missionaries and those who involve themselves in mission work foreign and domestic. Pray specifically for our mission family, Joey, Kellie, Conner and Santiago Weed.

Beyond Anything and Everything we could ever imagine!

Discussion Questions:

-1 Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you through scripture?

-2 What is/are other ways that you personally have heard Gods side of the conversation?

-3 Do you have a personal example you can share of God moving or answering your prayer?

-4 What current prayer do you have that you would like to hear from God about?

Prayer Topics for this week:

-1 Pray for someone else specifically (a fellow group member, family member, co worker) , that they would know that God is talking to them in some way through His word, creation, another person or text, etc.

-2 As we approach Easter, lets all pray for the salvation of people who desperately need to know Jesus Christ.

Week 4 - Keeping The Fire Burning


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