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Show of hands... Who's an excellent communicator? Okay, a few hands up I'm sure. Better yet, who thinks our church their church has awesome communication? Now we're hitting a touchy subject. In an effort to streamline things like our kids check in process and all things communication, we are utilizing a platform called Planning Center. In setting this up, we have access to the many of the features and sister apps within that eco-system. One of which is a people management tool called....PEOPLE. I know right. So creative. What this will allow us to do is track all sorts of metric based data (for us geeky people out there in church management), look at engagement, view demographics, celebrate things like birthdays, prayer requests that can be logged and secure, etc. To do this, we need simply need your information. This is private and secure and will never be used outside of the church. We also would suggest that anyone, 7th grade and up, create their own profile.

Even if you are unsure if you are in the system, please then take the NEXT STEP by filling out the form below. We can fix any duplicates with a few quick clicks. If you need to update something (email, phone, etc), just fill it out real quick. Only takes a a couple minutes. This system was originally rolled out to the family side of our church first. That was an answer to a need for our new Check-In initiative. We are now rolling this out to EVERYONE!

Parents with kids in Clubhouse - please read about our check in process HERE.

Please fill out the form below, please include each member of your household.

Parents with kids should enter their information first.

[Also - if you are New Here, please fill out the Digital Connect Card and not this.]

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Check In's - Our New Process and App

Want to check your kids in on the way to church? There's an app for that. Look up ChurchCenter in the your "app" store and grab that thing. You'll be able to pre-check the kiddos on the way in to speed up your process. When you get to church, visit a Self Check station, scan the QR code and grab your printed labels. Yeah, it's that easy. (and that cool...again, for us geeky people). And if that's not quite cool enough, ask us about "Mobile Passes" that will see you when you get within 1/2 mile of church. It will open up available check in's based on age filters and church function schedules. Boom... Mind blown....Right????

If you have any questions, simply stop by the Big Blue Wall, and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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