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Accepted Christ?

What a WONDERFUL day!!!

Know Jesus

We are so thrilled that you have decided that you want to take the next step and make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior! Only through Jesus can you have eternal salvation. Salvation means that you will have immediate forgiveness from all your sins — past, present and future — and begin a brand new life in Christ. 

Scripture teaches us that through salvation, everyone who has entered into a relationship with Christ is guaranteed to one day live with Him in an eternal place called heaven where there is no pain, suffering or sadness.

You need to know that there is no sin too bad or ugly for God to forgive. In fact, nothing you’ve done in the past can stand in the way of you being 100 percent, completely forgiven. There are also no requirements or prerequisites for salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9). To accept Christ today, even at this very moment, you need simply believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that Jesus died for your sins and that God raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 10:9). Then, ask for His forgiveness (Romans 10:13 & Acts 2:21) for any and all sins that you can recall. It literally only takes a second or two to become a saved believer! 

Congratulations on your new life in Christ! You are now saved! But this is just the beginning. Now you begin to walk in new life. And we are here to help you do just that. Please let us know about your decision today by filling out the short form below.

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