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Coronavirus Update:

Connections Church Health and Safety

The Church is OPEN!!!

Connections Church is on a mission.

That mission is to Connect people to God and each other through the Word, Prayer and Fellowship. Over the last ten weeks we have been blessed to have been able to continue to do just that through the medium of streaming on the internet. But we also recognize that God didn’t create us to do life individually behind screens. The body of Christ also needs to be together in person, to pray to share and to worship.

With our mission, governmental authorities and the safety of everyone in mind, Connections Church has made the decision to open its doors once again starting Sunday, May 24th.

We make this decision prayerfully and carefully as we understand the spiritual, emotional and physical impact that has been made by the pandemic. Our belief is that we can both resume physical worship gatherings and continue to provide streaming opportunities to those who are not able to attend in person, or that make the choice not to attend in person for the safety of themselves and their family.

Please know that the leadership of Connections Church respects the decisions that you are making for yourself and on behalf of your loved ones. We appreciate your consideration during this time and whether you choose to come in person or continue to take part online, you are loved and appreciated!

Please review each of these items carefully and let us know if you have any questions. You can submit a question by visiting our website at, or sending a message on Facebook.

We will make the following adjustments to our service structure and processes. These will be adjusted accordingly as restriction guidelines are lifted and or we deem them to be unneeded.

  • Connections Church facility will be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized using appropriate cleaning supplies and methods after each use. This will include the rooms and spaces that are potential for use by individuals or families during services. Special attention will be given to items and areas that are used with more frequently, such as entry doors, restroom doors/fixtures, door handles to rooms, chairs, tables and countertop surfaces.
  • We will be open at a reduced overall capacity that will allow each person more space to ensure proper social distancing can be followed.
  • Printed posters reminding everyone to maintain appropriate social distancing will be posted in conspicuous locations throughout the facility.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to everyone throughout the facility. We encourage frequent use.
  • Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, face marks, etc. are not required but are welcomed by those individuals who deem them needed and/or necessary and wish to wear them.
  • Children’s classes including nursery, toddler and elementary ages will be suspended until further notice. Families are encouraged to stay together as a family unit.
  • Persons who are symptomatic, have a fever, cough or are sick or not feeling well are ask not to attend services and to participate in our streaming opportunities for the health and well being of everyone.
  • Persons who are in high risk age groups, have underlying health issues and/or are in classifications that are deemed high risk of infection according to the CDC and other agencies are encouraged to continue to participate in streaming opportunities instead of physically attending services.
  • When possible, determined by weather and conditions, building entryway doors will be in the open position so the they do not need to be touched by individuals upon entry and exit. If conditions do not allow, volunteer staff will be positioned at the door to provide frequent sanitation of the handle and door contact areas and/or open and close the door for each person.
  • Seating areas will be arranged to provided for social distancing guidelines. Options for families with children, families without children, and individuals will be available. Where possible, family units will be encouraged to stay together. Seating options and arrangements are subject to changes. However current guidelines and recommendations will be followed to the best of our ability.
  • We will suspend the practice of handing out all printed materials until further notice.
  • We will suspend the practice of passing offering plates until further notice and continue to encourage tithing and giving be done online through our website, mailed to the church or placed into an offering receptacle provided.
  • We are suspending serving communion by passing elements on dishes until further notice.
  • We will provide cleaning and sanitizing of the restroom entry doors, stall doors and restroom fixtures frequently during services with volunteer staff.
  • We will suspend greeting people with personal contact, handshakes, hugging, etc until further notice. This includes before, during and after services. Instead you will be greeted with a friendly smile and a wave.
  • We will suspend coffee and water services until further notice. You are welcome to bring your own from home.
  • We will make as many entry and exit doors as possible for entry and exit from the building to prevent lines and/or gatherings. Everyone's safety in this consideration will be a priority.
  • Rooms, other than the main sanctuary may be open with limited access for attending to children needs. Access may vary each service, please ask a team member for more information and you will be directed as needed.