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CNCT Groups

CNCT Groups exist so people can have real, unmasked, walls down, life changing relationships with each other and do life the way we believe God intended for us to! There are CNCT groups meeting almost every day of the week. If you would like to be a part of a CNCT Group, or just want more information about Next Steps in getting connected with a CNCT Groups in general, please use the form below. We want you to CONNECT, so we will contact you soon! 

Here is a quick look at current CNCT Groups happening this week! 


Connections Women

CNCT Women, is a women's group that meets at Connections Church at 6:30 PM. The leader is Catherine Scott and she can be reached at All women invited to attend. This group meets off and on throughout the year. Please contact for more info.


Monday Night Live

Tune in for a special, online CNCT Group. We will go live just before 6:00pm on our Facebook page. We will be active in chat and questions, comments and prayer requests are encouraged. This supplemental group lasts for about 30 minutes.

Click to jump over to our Facebook Page. Look for the LIVE Post.

Healing Hearts

A fresh vision of what it looks like to flourish with Christ. Emotionally, relationally, mentally and spiritually.An invitation for God to do an inner work in us as we surrender to him. Trading unhealthy habits, into life giving practices. Bringing healing, transformation, joy and peace and a deeper relationship with Jesus as we seek him together. This group meets at the church on Monday nights at 6:30. Everyone is welcome. Contact Amy Berkowitz for info at


The Young and the Rest of Us

A group that spans all ages with and without children. This group believes strongly that fellowship and Bible study will help you grow into the man or woman God has called you to be. They meet at the church on Tuesday nights at 6:30. Facilitators are Justin and Shelby Grindstaff. Contact them for details.


We meet the first two Tuesdays of the month at Sherry Lewis’ house on Pebblestone Court in Gastonia. Our study starts at 6:30 and usually ends by 8:30. On the third Tuesday of the month we serve a family in need. We always pray for God to lead us to the greatest need for the month.


Our group consists of people from ages 45-71. As of now we have 12 people in our group. We love the atmosphere of meeting in a home. We love and uplift each other in prayer. We are like a family. We are able to share our feelings and open up with each other because it’s a small group. We love Jesus and praise His name. We are so on fire for God and love growing in His Word. Come and check us out!! The Holy Spirit is definitely present! Sherry Lewis leads a home based CNCT group Tuesday! This group is open to everyone. Please contact Sherry for more information and details. Her email address is

Better Together

The purpose of Better Together Connect Group is to learn along side each other and dig deeper into scripture. We’re passionate about doing life together and seeking God’s wisdom. We are encouraged to be the hands and feet of Jesus and further His kingdom. Join us for some great conversation, laughs and fellowship on the church Tuesday nights at 6:30. Leaders are Rob and Katlin Hasper and can be reached at and/or


Faith and Family

This group is young married couples, some with smaller children and this group meets at a host home at 6:30PM. Faith and Family is very passionate about two things: Our Faith (and the faith of others) and Family. We enjoy studying the word of God and service projects both in and outside of the church. Leaders are Matt and Hannah Williams, hosts are Terry and Abby Peters. They can be reached at or Come meet with us!

Rckless Youth

Youth aged kiddos, grades 6-12 are welcome. This group meets at the church weekly for fellowship, games, worship, teachings and small groups. Students you need to be here! Corey and Kailee Hay are the leaders. 6:00-8:00 pm. For more info CLICK HERE

Dysfunctional Wednesday

The dictionary describes Dysfunctional as "not operating normally or properly. Deviating fro the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad". As a group/family, we realize we are dysfunctional people in need of a savior. Our way of changing is by using the S.O.A.P. procedure. We are washing away our dysfunctions with SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer). What is SOAP you may ask? Well, to find out.. You need to join us on Wednesday nights at 6:30. All are welcome. Childcare is provided. Click here to contact Michael Stepp, the groups leader.


Rock Bottom Group

This support group is a weekly meeting for those who need assistance and support with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Men or women may join this group at any time. There is no cost to attend. Complete anonymity is observed. Contact David Carpenter at 704.524.8934 for more information.

Friday | Saturday

No current groups meet on Friday or Saturday

Called to Love

Foster care and adoption support group is here to help anyone who needs information or resources pertaining to fostering or adoption. This group meets regularly at various days and times. Contact Jake & Sandi Farnham for information at or

Watch for new groups coming soon! 

Maybe you are wanting to lead/facilitate a small group? Contact Pastor Scott or Joseph Montgomery if interested.

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