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For our new Kids Checkin Database

Check In's - Our New Process and App

We are excited to introduce the new Check In's. We are upgrading our Clubhouse and Youth Check-In software to a platform something that is awesome from something that is not so awesome. Our current software is limited in application, dated, and frankly, just hard to use (on the admin side).

Now with every big change, we want to make sure that our end users, that's you, are comfortable and take care of. Other than having to fill out some info (which we apologize for having to redo...slight tech issue with the old software), the transition should be seamless and pain free. By entering the info below, you will be automatically loaded into Planning Center People, which is the hub for our data. With the tools we'll have at our finger tips, we'll be able to do so much more and track data, for us geeky people that like such stuff. #metrics. =)

From there, we'll set everyone up in households (meaning you have more than just you under your name and you'll sign in once, and simple check the kiddo's in all at one time.) and that will take care of all the heavy lifting.

Want to do this on the way to church? There's an app for that. Look up ChurchCenter in the your "app" store and grab that thing. Once we are up and running, you'll be able to pre-check in on the way in to speed up your process. Just walk in, scan the QR code and grab your printed labels. Yeah, it's that easy. (and that cool...again, for us geeky people). And if thats not quite cool enough, ask us about "Mobile Passes" that will see you when you get within 1/2 mile of church. It will open up available check in's based on age filters and church function schedules. Boom... Mind blown....Right????

If you have any questions, just let us know. We will also have paper versions at the check in station over the next couple weeks to get the data entry collected.